The Inaugural Tom Keane AGMET Lecture

The Tom Keane AGMET Lecture Series
This free event, organised jointly by the AGMET Group and the Irish Meteorological Society, is to launch the Tom Keane AGMET Lecture Series. Tom, who sadly passed away last year, was a founder of the AGMET Group in 1984. The ongoing Tom Keane lecture series is an attempt to commemorate Tom’s influence on Irish agrometeorology and his passion for education.

The Inaugural Tom Keane Lecture will be given by Met Éireann’s Head of Forecast Division, Gerald Fleming, with a talk entitled ‘A half-century of weather forecasting in Ireland’.


This talk will consider how weather forecasting has evolved since the early days of AGMET – from charts that were plotted and analysed by hand, through the explosion of data from weather satellites, the automation of surface weather observations, and on to the “computing revolution” that brought us Numerical Weather Prediction. Where farmers once had to pay rapt attention to the “weatherman” after the Nine O’Clock News, now weather information is on-tap 24 hours a day. The presentation will dwell not just on the changes, but the challenges that these changes have brought in their wake.

Download the fully programme and registration details here.

Hope to see you there,

Keith Lambkin & the AGMET Team