Bronze Medal

The Austin Bourke Bronze Medal is awarded by AGMET for a specific outstanding contribution to the area of agricultural meteorology.

The First Bronze Medal, 2007
The first bronze medal was presented to Dr. John Casey by Dr. Andrew Moore (CSIRO, Australia) at the Making Science Work on the Farm workshop in Johnstown Castle on Thursday 25th January 2007. The medal was awarded for John’s PhD contribution to our understanding of Green House Gas emissions from Irish Agriculture.

The publications cited were:
Casey, J. W; N. M. Holden (2006): Quantification of GHG emissions from suckler-beef production in Ireland. Agricultural Systems 90: 79-98
Casey, J. W; N. M. Holden (2006): GHG emissions from conventional, agri-environmental scheme and organic Irish suckler-beef units. Journal of Environmental Quality 35:  231-239
Casey, J. W; N. M. Holden (2005): The relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and the intensity of milk production in Ireland. Journal of Environmental Quality 34: 429-436
Casey, J. W; N. M. Holden (2005): Analysis of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Irish milk production system. Agricultural Systems 86: 97-114

1st bronze medal
Dr. John Casey & Dr. Andrew Moore








The Second Bronze Medal, 2009
The second bronze medal was presented to Dr. Joanne Fitzgerald at the 25th anniversary of AGMET in Dublin Castle on the 7th December 2009 for her work: “Using a dynamic system simulation model to assess the influence of climate, soil and climate change on grass-based dairy production”


The Third Bronze Medal, 2017
The third bronze medal was Pooja Sharma for her work in the area “System modelling and life cycle assessment of dairy farms on heavy wet soils”. She was presented with the award at the Inaugural Tom Keane AGMET Lecture, on 5th Sep 2017 at the National Botanic Gardens.


Pooja Sharma is presented with the AGMET Austin Bourke Bronze medal by Gerald Fleming