Here is a list of AGMET published books. Hard copies of these books are available. Contact for more information.

In addition to these books also see published conference proceedings and AGMET published reports in the Events section.


Making Science Work on the Farm
edited by N. M. Holden, T. Hochstrasser, R. P. O. Schulte and S. Walsh, 2007

ISBN 978 0 95552 240 6 (paperback)

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Climate, Weather and Irish Agriculture (2nd Edition)
edited by T. Keane and J. F. Collins, 2004

ISBN 0 9511551 9 9 (paperback), 0 9511551 8 0 (hardback)





Agro-Meteorological Modelling – Principles, Data and Applications
edited by N. M. Holden, 2001

ISBN 0 951155172 (paperback), 0 951155164 (hardback)





Agroclimatic Atlas of Ireland
edited by J. F. Collins and T. Cummins, 1996

ISBN 0 9511551 4 8 (paperback)




Weather, Soils and Pollution form Agriculture
compiled by M. Sherwood, 1992






Irish Farming, Weather and Environment
edited by T. Keane, 1992

ISBN 0 948321 66 0 (paperback)




Climate, Weather and Irish Agriculture
edited by T. Keane, 1986





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