As well as support nationally there is a well established international agricultural meteorology community. Below are some of the international agrometeorological resources available.


AGMP – Agricultural Meteorology ProgrammeWMO_logo
The purpose of the Agricultural Meteorology Programme (AGMP) is to assist WMO Members in provision of meteorological and related services to the agricultural community to help develop sustainable and economically viable agricultural systems. [AGMP website]


CAgM – Commission for Agricultural MeteorologyCAgM_logo
As one of the eight technical commissions of WMO, the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) provides guidance in the field of agricultural meteorology by studying and reviewing the available science and technology. [CAgM website]



WAMIS – World AgroMeteorological Information Service
WAMIS is a WMO sponsored website that provides agro- meteorological products, tools and resources. [WAMIS website]


INSAM_logoINSAM – International Society for Agricultural Meteorology
INSAM was established to broaden links among agrometeorologists across the world and provide a market place for ideas and topics on agrometeorology. [INSAM website]



MARS – Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS
The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) monitors agriculture using remote sensing. Its aim is to help provide independent and timely information on crop areas and yields. This is achieved in part by monthly publications of MARS bulletins on European crop monitoring. [MARS website]