Seminar 2015

On the 23rd of June 2015 Met Éireann & Teagsac held an AGMET Seminar at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.

This seminar aimed to highlight the types of Irish meteorological data sets that are available to the agricultural community, provide a summary of current research collaborations and outline agricultural products provided by Met Éireann. A summary of the seminar is available here.

The seminar also provided an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the operational needs and priorities in the area of Irish Agricultural Meteorology. There was also an opportunity for this group of experts to discuss the current position of AGMET – Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology. A Summary of these discussions can be found here.

In advance of the seminar a survey was circulated to participants to help determine meteorological priorities within the different branches of the agricultural community. The survey and detailed feedback comments also helped to provoke discussion and will assist in prioritising product development into the near future. See here for a summary of survey results and comments.

The seminar also provided the opportunity to advertise some of the international agricultural meteorology resources available to the community. These have been summarised in the International section of this website.