The AGMET Archives

Since 1985 the AGMET group have been publishing, reports, books and conference proceedings.

When any new agrometeorological research project kicks off, one of the first things that is typically done is to review how the current systems were developed, i.e. what has been done in the past. It is for this reason that it is believed that these old AGMET publications are still of value.

To address this, efforts have begun to digitize old hard-copy publications from the AGMET Group and make these reference materials more easily available to this community. As well of course as helping to record the work of the AGMET Group over the last three decades.

I guess it is only fitting to start with the first official report by the AGMET Group in 1985 written by the late Tom Keane.

See our Publications and Events sections for a list of other AGMET publications including books.

Hopefully more to come, the very best