New Teagasc PhD Walsh Fellowship Opportunity – Grass

“Development of a ground based automated ‘real time’ grass quality measurement system to enhance grassland management information platforms.”


“The focus of this project is to develop and enable an intelligent system that will apply precision management to whole farm grassland and grazing systems. To precisely allocate to the cow herd the absolutely correct area of grass, it is necessary to have an accurate ‘real-time’ measure of grass quality as well as quantity. The research proposed here is new and innovative, in that a new device will be used to derive this grass quality measure by automated grass quality data capture using an ensemble of next generation sensors at ground level. The Walsh Fellow will be tasked with designing the device, modelling the system, calibrating the prototype and validating the final product on grass based farms. Along with researchers in Ireland, the Walsh Fellow will also collaborate with multiple research institutes and industrial partners across Europe.


The output of this research will be the provision of high quality, ‘real-time’, geo-tagged information in the form of herbage mass, and specifically grass quality, through a user friendly software package on a Smartphone App or web-based decision support system. The grass quality measure will be defined as % dry matter (DM), % organic matter digestibility (OMD) and % crude protein (CP).”


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