New AGMET website

Welcome to the new AGMET website!

Every leap year for the last 28 years the Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology (AGMET) traditionally holds an event on or near the 29th February. This February we are relaunching our website as our leap year event.

Our aim is to bring together relevant Irish agricultural meteorology related material from multiple sources into the one place. This website will hopefully allow for greater more frequent interaction within our diverse community. This site provides a platform in which the Irish agro-meteorology community can share upcoming events, PhD adverts, research opportunities, available data sources as well as catch up on related news feeds.

This site is designed for use on mobile devices as well as desktop computers for ease of use. Much of the content of this site has been community driven, informed in part from our recent Agricultural Meteorology Seminar, (National Botanic Gardens, June 2015).

While we aim to add to the site over the coming weeks, feedback, comments and news articles are always welcomed. Please contact us if you would like to share or advertise anything.

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Our best wishes

Keith Lambkin (Met Éireann) and Tamara Hochstrasser (University College Dublin)