Irish Forum of International Agricultural Development 2019

Conference theme: ‘Sustainable Diets & Equitable Food Systems in a Changing Climate’

October 23rd 2019, Dept. of Foreign Affairs, Iveagh House

Through the forum there was an expressed feeling that climate change reversal is not possible without agricultural change. There are socio-economic co-benefits from developing joint research on the climate impacts of maintaining current food systems versus sustainable food systems and it is believed that there is not enough being considered by climate scientist on this topic.

Not just climate change but the global population growth will put extensive pressure on food systems . It was felt that there is an urgency need for a coordinated approach to the knock on effects of climate change, farming practices, nutrition and health and the message and incentives need to change for effective action.
From a farming standpoint soil management and nutrition focused farming practices should be the focus going forward.

For more about the forum follow the link below to the IFIAD forum webpage.

IFIAD Conference 2019