Call for nominations – Austin Bourke Bronze Medal

The Irish Joint Working Group on Applied Agricultural Meteorology (AGMET) is pleased to invite nominations for the award of The Austin Bourke Bronze Medal for a recent significant contribution to agrometeorology, applied environmental meteorology, biometeorology or a related discipline. Closing date for nominations is 12:00pm, Friday 4th August 2017.

Download the application details.


Scientists based in Ireland, or working on issues specific to Ireland, are eligible. The award will be made in recognition of a recent significant contribution to agrometeorology, applied environmental meteorology and biometeorology (taken to include any work that relates weather to managed/controlled biological production systems), as evidenced by a documented record of achievement and the high opinion of peers or end-users.

The Award

The award is a physical medal in recognition of a recent significant contribution to agrometeorology or a related discipline. There is no financial contribution. An individual may only receive the bronze award once.


A nomination should be proposed and seconded by two persons familiar with the work of the nominee. One of these people may be the nominee, if not prior agreement of the nominee must be obtained. A cover note should clearly establish justification for the nomination. The evaluation panel may seek further information if necessary.

The Assessment Process

A committee will evaluate nominees. The committee will consist of: (1) A member of the AGMET Group (2) one internationally recognised expert and (3) a senior representative of Met Éireann.

Application Procedure

To apply for the award the required information below should be emailed to all of the following in the same email:,, [the proposer], [the seconder] & [the nominee if not one of the previous two].
Required information:
1. Brief CV along with publication list
2. Publication(s) or documented evidence supporting the significant contribution
3. Cover note justifying the proposal
If receipt of application is not received within three days please contact Keith Lambkin, Convener AGMET, on +353 1 8065 538

The medal will be awarded at the ‘Inaugural Tom Keane Lecture’ AGMET/Irish MetSoc event on Tuesday 5th September 2017 at The National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin at 7:00pm. The winner of the medal will be expected to give a short presentation of their work.

Further queries may be addressed to