Advanced Workshop on Climate Change and Agriculture

Shefayim, Israel, 14th– 24th May 2017

The Israel Meteorological Service has provided training at a post-graduate level since 1967.  Several thousands of participants from all over the world, mainly from developing countries, have taken advantage of lessons learnt to study the application of meteorology to various aspects of economic activity.

Since Israel was successful with developing agriculture, despite the negative impact of its climate and water resources scarcity on its agricultural production, many of the methodologies developed during the years could be used also for mitigating the results of climate change and increasing agricultural production.

This workshop will demonstrate advanced methodologies and techniques developed in order to compensate for the impact of unfavourable climate conditions on agricultural production. It will introduce Israel’s knowledge in various fields such as: (i) Irrigation and Water Management under changing climate conditions (ii) Microclimate Control in Agricultural Buildings (iii) User-Provider Interaction (iv) Cultivation of crops resistant to Climate Change, etc.

This international workshop is open to all countries, however Irish applications must be formally sanctioned by Met Éireann. If you are interested in attending this training workshop then please contact Keith Lambkin, Agricultural Meteorology Unit, Met Éireann on +353 (0)1 8064200. Deadline for applications is 28th February 2017.